Epic LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sumobot h4ckathon

We admit it. We were totally inspired by Breadpig's Hack Club and wanted to bring the same experience to SHDH@SXSW.

Like, check out these photos from Hack Cub by Christina Xu:

Makes you want to hack, amirite?

The Details!

You'll need to bring your own laptop for hacking, but we'll have plenty of power and WiFi.

The Challengers!

Lesbian Bondage Fiasco
Michael Evans, Sam Sheets, Matty Duell, Benjamin Duell
Doug Farre, John Gordon, Alec Hashim, Dakota Smith
Work it Warriors
Paul Arellanes, Kyle Golden, Chris Fohlin, Chris' friend, Eric Marshall, Michael R
Hyunji Lim, Dewi harjanto, Andy Mills + Bill Welense, Kevin Urbick
1337 bloxorz
Steve Farrell, Matt Turpin, Dan Chapman + Erik Bigelow, Niall Smart
Brad Martin, Evan Ryker, Paul Zavalney, Tim Rueger + Todd Siegel, Travis Ward
Marty Henderson, Jett Rink, Kelly Rink, Shawna Henderson, Sharon Walsh
Beer Thirty
Kyle Bryson, Andrew Moch, Dane Wagner, Joe Hershberger, Ed Rodriguez
BEAM me up, Scotty!
Danny Diaz, Randy Hoskin, Marcelo Izaguirre + Chrissie Brodigan, Evan Jacobs
Super Team Domination
Jeff Pflueger, Connor Lightsey, Nick Frost + Zaki Saadeh, Kirill Zdornyy
Claude Barker, Daniel Cabezas, Jonny Dahm, Garrison Hester, Nate Roberts
Team Bi-Winning
Cal Henderson, Michael Bernstein, Chris Hunter, Nader Askari, Antonio
Quinn Vidal, Tim Rueger, Way, Brett Bendele, Evan Ryker, Karl Muecke

The Rules

Here are the rules, which are pretty final but might be adjusted for clarity:


The Prizes!

The first and second place winning teams will be awarded gift credits good at the Breadpig Store, which is on the internet.


There is also a prize for the most creative bot, or the best hack. And yes, judging will be very subjective!

Prize levels

Note: Prizes are awarded per team — not individual. Sheesh.

Thanks to Breadpig for providing these great prizes!